• Is Bamboo Cotton the Perfect Fit for You?

    Is Bamboo Cotton the Perfect Fit for You?
    Did you know bamboo cotton is lightweight, breathable, incredibly soft with a brilliant feel and shine. Learn why bamboo cotton is the perfect choice for comfort and loungewear.
  • The Gold Standard

    The Gold Standard
    Thinking about purchasing a cashmere piece, but not sure if it is the right choice for you? We're breaking down the reasons why high-quality cashmere is the perfect choice for women's sweaters in Canada. Jump into the perfect material for comfort.
  • Cashmere Shawls & a Guide to Elegance

    Cashmere Shawls & a Guide to Elegance
    100% cashmere is synonymous to elegance and luxury, but did you know cashmere can be a staple for everyday outfits? Keep reading to learn how you can style your favourite, high-quality cashmere casually, elegantly or as a statement piece.
  • Celebrating Canadian Brands

    Celebrating Canadian Brands
      With Canada Day approaching, we thought it was a perfect time to celebrate some of our Canadian brands. As a small business, we know first-hand that support for local businesses is needed now more than ever.  We hope you enjoy reading about the Canadian brands that we carry! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful brands as part of our Lemonwood family....
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