Cashmere Care

How to Care for Cashmere?

The best way to maintain and protect your cashmere is follow a few easy steps.  

Washing: dry cleaning or handwashing is acceptable. To wash by hand use Lemonwood  Lavender oil infused gentle wash. The essential oils in our wash deter moths and will leave your cashmere soft and fresh. 
Use a capful per garment of Lemonwood Lavender was. Wash in cold water.  Rinse and squeeze out the excess moisture. Be careful not to wring to protect the cashmere fibers.  Lay flat to dry and change the towels to allow air flow under the garment. 
Once dry fluff with steamer or low temperature iron. 
Combing:  each cashmere sweater is made up of long and short hair fibers. When the short hair fibers meet with friction often balling or pilling occurs. To remedy this use a Lemonwood cashmere comb. The comb gently removes balls and prevents from future pilling.  

Cashmere care