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4 Steps to Storing Cashmere

Now that Spring is here, it's time to store your Winter cashmere. Today we're sharing four tips to ensure your cashmere retains its luscious softness for years to come.



1. Ensure cashmere is clean before storage since moths are attracted to any residual body oil, products, or perfume in the garment. Dry clean or hand wash with our Lemonwood Cashmere & Wool Shampoo. Made with lavender essential oil, which deters moths and leaves your cashmere feeling soft and smelling fresh. Be sure to dry the garment flat so it retains its shape.


2. Groom your cashmere and remove any pilling balls that have formed using our Lemonwood Cashmere Comb. This softens the fabric while it's being stored and leaves the cashmere in great shape when you are ready to take it out of storage. 


3. Fold garments neatly (never hang cashmere), wrap in tissue paper and place in the Lemonwood garment bag you received with the purchase of your cashmere. If you don't have the storage bag, store in a breathable zippered garment bag. Store in a dry, dust-free area away from direct sunlight.


4. For added protection, place sachets our Lavender Sachets or mothballs made of cedar in your cashmere storage container to detract moths. 


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