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Cashmere Lavender Oil Cashmere and Wool Shampoo 250ml

Cashmere and Wool Shampoo 250ml

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We have  created a gentle cashmere shampoo for your luxurious cashmere dedicates. Our 250 ml bottle is made with Lavender Essential  Oil.   The Lavender oil deters moths and leaves your cashmere feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Add a cap full of  Cashmere & Wool Shampoo when hand washing your cashmere in cold water.  The shampoo neutralizes perspiration odor with a natural lavender scent. Follow the tips below:

You can dry clean, machine wash or hand wash your cashmere and woolens. If machine-washed select the gentle cycle setting on your machine and place your garments in any lingerie bag. Hand wash your garments using the following techniques:

•  Wash in cold water and never expose them in direct heat. Heat will cause shrinkage.

•  When drying, never wring or stretch garment when wet. It will lose its shape permanently.

•  Dry garment flat to retain its shape and to keep it from elongating.