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Cashmere Care & Storage

A special garment requires special care. With just a little TLC, you can keep your cashmere looking and feeling just as luxurious as the day you first bought it. Cared-for cashmere can last a lifetime. This is one of the many reasons why we love this natural fibre so much!


We recommend hand washing your cashmere. Only dry clean for stubborn stains. To wash by hand, we recommend using our Lemonwood Lavender oil-infused Cashmere Shampoo. The essential oils in our wash deter moths and will leave your cashmere soft and fresh. 


  • Add a cap full of our Cashmere Shampoo to a clean bucket or sink of lukewarm water
  • Mix well and allow your knitwear to soak for a few minutes
  • Gently squeeze the water through the fabric 
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water
  • Lay flat to dry on a towel - swap out wet towels for dry to allow airflow under the garment
  • Once dry, fluff with a steamer or low-temperature iron with the garment inside out 


  • Do not twist or wring out to dry
  • Consistent washing of cashmere is not recommended
  • Do not tumble dry - this can shrink or cause damage

Preventing & Removing Pilling

Each cashmere sweater is made of long and short hair fibres. When the short hair fibres meet with friction often balling or pilling occurs. To remedy this, use our Lemonwood Cashmere Comb. The comb gently removes balls loose fibres that lead to pilling. 


  • Lay your garment flat 
  • Gently and lightly brush the comb over the surface
  • Pay special attention to areas of your garment that are more susceptible to friction such as your elbows, underarms and shoulders 


  • Avoid wearing your cashmere against clothing with a rough texture
  • Necklaces, bracelets, belts, or rough leather bags can cause your garment to pill or become snagged

Storing Cashmere

How you store your cashmere plays a big role in the quality of your cashmere. With proper care and TLC, your cashmere can last a lifetime. 

A Lavender Linen Sachet is a necessary tool to have in your cashmere care kit. Place in your drawer or closet to repel moths and to keep your knitwear smelling fresh!

Everyday Storage

Between wears, fold your cashmere and store it in a drawer or on a shelf away from heat sources and sunlight. Hanging cashmere isn't recommended as it can stretch out the garment.

Long Term Storage

Before you store your cashmere for the season, be sure to give it a fresh wash. This will repel any moths as they are attracted to body oils and odour. We recommend storing your cashmere in the cotton storage bag that you received with your purchase. Cotton is breathable and will not retain any moisture. Bugs and moths are also unable to eat through cotton so you can ensure your cashmere will be hole-free! Store your cashmere bag in a cool dark place.