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Step into a world of allure and enchantment with Lemonwood's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. Inspired by the captivating essence of Marrakesh, let this collection transport you to the soul of Morocco. Drawing from its natural beauty, we love the striking red walls, lush green rooftops, and the endless array of colorful doorways and arches. The main palette features rich and bold hues such as pink peacock, cobalt blue, and emerald green, evoking the spirit of the bustling souks and sun-kissed landscapes. Embracing a bohemian spirit, the collection showcases a blend of linen, silk, and cotton fabrics, exuding comfort and elegance. Craftsmanship and artisanal influences infuse each piece with timeless charm, inviting you to embrace the beauty and allure of Marrakesh in every wear.

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