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Comb Shampoo Lavender Linen Sachet Storage Bag Cashmere Care Set

Cashmere Care Set- The complete cashmere care kit

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Our Cashmere Care Set Includes:

1 cashmere comb,  1 100% cotton storage bag, 1 60 ml lavender cashmere shampoo, 1  lavender linen sachet, and a  card with instructions on how to care for your cashmere.

Lavender is a natural moth deterrent.  Storing your cashmere in a protected casing with a lavender sachet will help ward off moths and leave your cashmere smelling fresh. 

Our Cashmere hand wash shampoo is infused with Lavender Essential oils making your sweater less desirable to moths while leaving your cashmere feeling soft and supple. 


Makes a perfect gift!