Telling Our Story

Lemonwood is a woman-owned wholesaler of luxury apparel, accessories and home décor items sourced from small, ethically operated factories around the world. It's one of Canada's newest upscale lifestyle boutique chains with a focus on high-quality designer products made from natural fibres, including cashmere, linen, silk, cotton, wool, bamboo, and alpaca.

Lemonwood offers fashion that lasts - elegant essentials that are lifetime pieces. Whether it's for a glam event, an autumnal stroll, a lunch with the ladies, resort/apres-ski wear or comfy loungewear to help nod off to dreamland, we've got you covered. Our coveted items have closet staying power, and are designed for women who aspire to lead full lives.

Our retailing philosophy is focused on elegance and simplicity. When our patrons experience the Lemonwood brand, they embark upon a journey with us - one adorned with sensual fabrics, eye-catching dyes, on-trend designs, sustainable fabrication techniques and unique presentation. Each piece has a story to be told by our knowledgeable staff members.

Our Promise

Our mission is to continually delight and satisfy our clientele with unique finds and timeless classics that make them feel beautiful and comfortable. All while providing them with top-quality customer service that cannot be matched. 

Meet The Founder: Christine Peters

Many years ago, Christine Peters moved to a street in Toronto named Lemonwood, and had a dream. A dream of bringing beautiful apparel and accessories to North American women by scouting small overseas factories for uniquely crafted and sustainably made items.

She set out to fulfill that dream by connecting with carefully chosen factories around the world, those which empower women, are run by women, or are socially responsible in their use of sustainable materials. She was then working with wonderfully creative suppliers - from a small co-op of female artisans in Peru who knit handmade sweaters, to a family-owned factory in Calcutta producing stunning linen scarves.

Lemonwood products are made by women, for women (although to be clear, men are welcome too). That's something we're very proud of. That, and the fact that one women's long-ago dream has become both a reality and a success.

Meet The Team

We are a group of inspired professionals who have combined our many years of experience in fashion, design and product sourcing to bring you the most beautiful and natural apparel and accessories. We are experts in comfort and style and we are here to assist you in creating a look that's perfect and unique.

Hilary Inniss
Director of Operations

Katy Hendren
Assistant Buyer

Melissa DeSantis
Marketing Director

Salman Shabbir
Product Development & Import Coordinator

Michael Mirenzi
Marketing Coordinator

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