The Gold Standard

One of the most sought after materials in the world, cashmere is the gold standard of fabrics. Canada’s climate can change drastically from hot to cold, but Cashmere’s natural benefits keeps every wearer comfortable and stylish no matter the weather! Here’s just a few reasons why Cashmere should be a staple in your wardrobe!

Cashmere's Natural Beauty

Even though cashmere wool has humble origins, cashmere has been a staple for centuries, why might you ask? Cashmere is made out of unique wool that is functional, comfortable and stylish. Only a few milli-meters thick, this woven material maintains a comfortable body temperature without having to add layers upon layers of dense sweaters and jackets. This lightness allows for your cashmere pieces to drape effortlessly over your body and defines a flattering silhouette. Cashmere also comes in an array of natural colours that looks stunning on every skin tone, no wonder why Cashmere has become one of the highest valued fabrics in the world.


Long Lasting Qualities 

When taken care of, a High quality cashmere garment can last you a lifetime. A pure cashmere garment can maintain their original shape without stretching or shrinking throughout years of use. You will never have to worry about colour fades either, as cashmere wool holds onto dye better than most alternative materials. These simple reasons are why any cashmere piece is a valued investment into your closet, and will have you stylish and comfortable for years to come. 


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A Great Choice for Women’s Sweaters in Canada 

There is nothing like a cashmere sweater. Suitable for the frigid cold weather or warm. As we all know, in Canada we have some extremely cold weather in the winter. Followed by some really hot weather in the summer. So a women’s sweater Canada has to be versatile. Cashmere’s versatility will keep you warm and cuddly in the winter, while in the summertime it will keep you cool. Simply put, that is cashmere’s speciality. Truly versatile wool that looks great and feels great in all temperatures! 

Raw Elegance

When in its natural state, Cashmere comes in a variety of earthy tones. You will know when you have purchased a high quality cashmere, because the softness of the wool does not respond well to harsh dyes and products. 

The natural colours range in an array of taupes, caramels, greys and charcoals. Cashmere sweaters and shawls will have clean lines ready to flatter every body type and be suitable for any occasion. Upgrade your wardrobe with these modern neutral colours and lines here!

You may have noticed that pure cashmere products come in more natural and earthy tones. This is because high-quality cashmere wool doesn’t respond well to harsh dyes and products. So, a high-quality cashmere garment will come in natural and beautiful earthy tones or a colour that isn’t too damaging to the wool. 

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