Is Bamboo Cotton the Perfect Fit for You?


We all want the softest fabric for our clothing, especially our pajamas and loungewear! This is why we suggest switching to bamboo cotton for all of your go-to comfort pieces. So what is Bamboo and why should you choose it? 

A little background on bamboo.

Bamboo is a super-grass that is thought to originate in Asia. It can multiply and grow quickly makes bamboo the desired resource from housing to fashion. Bamboo cotton is notorious for being lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting. Did we mention that bamboo cotton has a high moisture content, giving it a luxuriously soft texture that keeps your skin feeling softer. These properties make it an excellent choice for loungewear, pajamas, and sportswear. 

Eco-friendly Pajamas

Did you know that buying bamboo cotton is more eco-friendly than purchasing alternative material? Bamboo doesn’t require a lot of water, nor does it need to be replanted for it regrows every year. Another amazing fact about bamboo is it doesn't need pesticides or fertilisers to grow well, unlike many materials grown for other types of fabric. This leads bamboo to be one of the most sustainable, affordable and efficient raw materials available for purchase. This means you can still look fashionable and be super comfortable while being environmentally conscious.

The Best Of Bamboo and Loungewear.

Bamboo products are great however, some stand out from the crowd. 

Bamboo loungewear is definitely a favourite. A bamboo nightie or a lightweight breathable bamboo lounge set simply sets you up for a luxurious evening. It will feel amazing on your skin and is one of the best materials for women’s pajamas. bamboo cotton doesn’t irritate your skin and its lightweight texture will flow over your body, letting you feel comfortable for all hours of the night… or day!


Our matching bamboo set is the ultimate comfort for your year-round sleepwear. The lightweight and breathable material will maintain your body temperature, keeping you comfortable all through the night.  The perfect gift for someone special or, the perfect set for you to treat yourself with!

 Take a peek and see our variety of colours here!

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