Celebrating Canadian Brands

Celebrating Canadian Brands at Lemonwood  

With Canada Day approaching, we thought it was a perfect time to celebrate some of our Canadian brands. As a small business, we know first-hand that support for local businesses is needed now more than ever. 

We hope you enjoy reading about the Canadian brands that we carry! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful brands as part of our Lemonwood family.



Lemonwood was founded by Christine Peters in 2013 to provide women with the opportunity to experience beautiful, luxurious, quality garments made from natural fibers. Lemonwood Cashmere is thoughtfully designed in Oakville, Canada and manufactured in Nepal, Shanghai and India. Over the years, Christine’s extensive sourcing and product development background has allowed her to work with small factories around the world. She has carefully chosen factories which help empower women, are run by women and/or are socially responsible to the environment and their community. Each maker must provide a certificate, proving they are socially responsible by not hiring under aged workers and employing workers from impoverished backgrounds. They must also prove that they use sustainable materials that ar